Finally, a Spanish-English frequency dictionary in "App-format": we've got both Android and iPhone versions. Get frequency information regarding a word as soon as you've looked it up. View both the absolute frequency rank number (ranked within the top 50,000 Spanish words), as well as view a visually appealing bar indicator that shows the rank in a way you can digest in a glance.
spanish frequency dictionary google android app spanish frequency dictionary apple iphone app

All words are not created equal! I've been learning foreign languages for about thirty (30) years. One favor you can do for yourself is really getting "down pat" the first one or two thousand most common words in that second language just as soon as possible. The sooner you master the most common one or two thousand, the easier it is going to be to make real progress in both reading but also speaking.

For example, the word "fast" means roughly the same thing as "swift" in the English language. However, the word "fast" is far, far more common than "swift." You may or may not know that when you look it up in the dictionary: you may assume it is as common as the word "quick", which it is not.

Some words are worth commiting to memory fully, and very early in your language-learning journey. That is where this application comes into the picture. Whether you're reading a newspaper, novel or even a sign on the street: it's nice to be able to determine just how important a given Spanish word is.

The app also allows you to save words for review later in the "Review/Quiz" section of the application. You can add or delete words to your saved vocabulary list as you look them up.

We also provide a button which lists sample sentences. It is important to see how words are used in context. However, a word can have alternate meanings. So, our example sentences also indicate which meaning the sentence at issue corresponds to. I always wanted a dictionary the gives you example sentences!

Both versions of the app (iOS and Android) contain the features above, and it is free.